About Empatherapies

Empatherapies aims to provide expert, confidential and affordable counselling and consultancy services to individuals, couples, families, groups and organisations via face to face, phone and internet.

Our Vision

Our deepest purpose is to enrich lives by offering mental health support to individuals, couples, families, groups and organisations.

Mission Statement

To create a global shift towards improved mental health, emotional well-being and healthy relationships of all individuals by creating greater awareness, compassion and connectedness.

Our Values


You have come to the right place! Your story matters! I welcome you and all your struggles. The imperfections, the shame, the fears, the confusion. These make the perfect place to start and serve as a catalyst for transformation.

Our modern societies are becoming increasingly demanding and leave us ill- equipped to deal with the onslaught of our busy and demanding lives, particularly within a back drop of a difficult or traumatic past. It commonly leads to a chronically stressed nervous systems and fractured relationships.

I invite you to work with me to uncover what is keeping you unhappy and stuck. Allow me to support you to work towards creating sustainable change to improve your happiness and develop positive relationships

About Me

I am a Counsellor/ Psychotherapist and Director of Empatherapies with 20 years experience.

Since completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology, I have accumulated 20 years of experience as a Psychotherapist. In that time, I have worked in a wide range of clinical, community and private sectors. 

My therapeutic style draws on my studies in Psychology, various Psychotherapy Training and Eastern Wellness traditions such as Buddhism and Yoga. 

I use a range of evidence based strategies including Mindfulness, Attachment Theory, Creative Therapies, Family Constellation, ACT, CBT Gestalt and Sensory Motor Therapy. 

The invitation of healing, is to feel this great energy of repair and life and to let it move through us

Jack Kornfield

I believe this path has chosen me and being a Psychotherapist is my life’s work.         It is an honour to assist clients in their healing journeys. There is a saying in Gestalt Therapy that as a Therapist, you can only take people as far as you have gone yourself. In this way, working through the despair and the dark periods of my own life have served as vital lessons in shaping my understanding and skill base in guiding clients towards well-being. It has given me greater appreciation of the difficult challenges clients face. Being devoted to this work requires a commitment to an ongoing journey of growth, reflection and well-being.

In my personal life, I am conscious of continually striking a balance between being wholly engaged with life and not being consumed by busy-ness.

I am a proud Mother of my son and three stepchildren, though on some days I feel supremely challenged by the task. I am blessed with a supportive husband and am acutely aware of the committed care required to keep our relationship strong.                                                                                                                                      

Wherever possible, I seek solace in the quiet and peace of nature, yet I equally love losing myself in music, dance and socialising with friends. This polarity of solitude and social connectedness nourishes my inner life and balance my nervous system.

In this way, I am resourced to offer my service in a sustainable way to clients.